360° Elderly Care in detail

  • In contrast to most nursing home beds with a predominantly functional design, wissner-bosserhoff excels through its outstanding homeliness, and thus actively contributes to a "healing environment".

    Our solutions:
  • Homely ambience for an active healing environment
  • New upholstered bed collection in an attractive hotel design, with a vast number of fabric and imitation leather designs
  • New, homely side guard concept SafeFree® Flex
  • Extensive range of design and decor options available
  • Numerous award-winning designs and products in recent years

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  • New digital options not only relieve the burden on nursing care by significantly saving time, they
    also contribute to greater cost-effectiveness.

    Our solutions:
  • Direct connection of our sentida 7-i nursing home bed to the nursing documentation
  • All major interface standards integrated - Secure and reliable real-time data transfer
  • Calibrated, integrated weighing scale in sentida 7-i with integrated BMI check
  • Differentiated nurse call evaluation for correct prioritization
  • sentida 7-i early warning system - for the fastest possible response to detectable fall cases

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  • Falls pose an increasing, overall risk as residents grow older. Statistically speaking, 30 % of all people above 65 fall at least once a year. In the case of people over 80, this figure increases to almost 50 %.

    Our solutions:
  • SafeSense® bed-exit assistant for effective falls management with automatic night light for safe orientation in the dark
  • Flexible nurse call timing for faster response time in the event of falls
  • SafeFree® side guards, individually adjustable according to care situation
  • Low position on all wissner-bosserhoff care beds for falls prevention during sleeping phases
  • Comprehensive safety sensor technology, e.g. brake assist or side guard assist in the nursing home bed sentida 7-i

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  • In nursing care, maintaining the mobility of residents in the long term is a major challenge. Our products can support residents and provide them with additional safety.

    Our solutions:
  • Revolutionary, wireless mobilization assistant SafeLift with simplest operation (height adjustment and backrest) for the resident
  • MobiLift® mobilisation handle in the sentida 7-i nursing home bed with integrated height adjustment
  • New, manual MobiStick2 mobilization-assistant with intuitive operation
  • Split SafeFree® side guards as a safe standing aid, individually adaptable to different heights of residents
  • 3-stop strategy with automatic intermediate stop at ideal mobilization height

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  • Relocating, moving and mobilizing patients are integral parts of a nurse's daily work. Anyone working
    with the elderly and patients knows: This is back-breaking work in the truest sense of the word. Many
    nursing staff therefore suffer from back problems.

    Our solutions:
  • Optimal nursing position of 80 cm for back-friendly execution of care routines
  • Clear and ergonomic controls
  • Safety through compliance with the IEC 60601-2-52 standard for the safety of medical beds.
  • Integrated bed extension as standard in all nursing beds.
  • carisma 300-xxl nursing home bed for the safe care of obese residents

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  • Pressure ulcers are very unpleasant for residents and can affect their quality of life. That's why the development of pressure ulcers should be avoided altogether wherever possible. Preventive measures can be taken through the use of aids.

    Our solutions:
  • Unique BiNetic patient surface with ergonomic layout
  • Double retraction as part of the patient surface to reduce pressure loads
  • Comfort patient surface with 55 spring elements
  • Extensive range of passive mattresses, for optimum pressure distribution at all lying body parts
  • Large selection of active and reactive therapy systems for pressure ulcer prevention and therapy with state-of-the-art technologies

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We offer more

  • Holistic room concepts for residents' rooms such as memoriana, the room concept for dementia patients
    - Easier activation and better orientation for your residents
    - Higher autonomy and safety
  • Own interior designers and designers support you in the spatial and detailed planning
  • The use of standardized products enables short delivery times

  • Fast and professional repairs
  • Technical and security controls
  • Free product training and certifications
  • Original spare parts
  • Individually tailored contracts

  • Voluntary, regular auditing of manufacturing and management, certified by the TÜV according to the provisions of DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 for quality management systems as well as DIN EN ISO 13485: 2016 for the manufacture of medical devices
  • Ensuring sustainability through environmental management in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001: 2015
  • Production of nursing beds in accordance with the high requirements of the Medical Devices Act (MPG)
  • Each product bears the CE mark in accordance with EU Directives 93/42 EEC and 2007/47 / EC
  • Recommendations of the BfArM are taken into account in product development

  • ISO 14001 certificate for environmental protection processes
  • Recycling rate of products between 65% (multicare) and 98% (sentida)
  • Continuous improvement of energy efficiency


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